SIREN Women’s Cooperative, LLC is professional women's group on Aquidneck Island, RI who engage regularly in SIREN signature talks, social, and relationship-based networking opportunities.  We collaborate with local community organizations and businesses on creative projects. We provide personal and professional development opportunities for  women inside and outside of our SIREN community circle.  

As professional women, our mission is to work mindfully, connect meaningfully, and inspire endlessly through our SIREN endeavors.

Uniquely, we use "design looping" and collaborative strategies to bring SIREN to new heights. We elicit member and community feedback regarding our membership offerings, types of community programming we offer, collaborations we forge, and general operations and ethos of the group.  

We are frequently asked, "Where did your name come from?"  For us, SIREN means we are sounding the alarm in that women and their professional and personal lives are worthy of rich exploration and advancement.  Secondly, our name is a nod to the ocean and related mythical stories about powerful female characters, mermaids and sirens, who pique our imagination and inspiration.   

Throughout all of our professional and personal offerings, we are committed to putting our values of inclusivity, openness, respect, curiosity, listening and thinking big into action.   

Come see what all the buzz is about!