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MEMBERSHIP $120 per each SIREN calendar year* 

(current year: January 2022-December 2022)


A SIREN ​Membership Includes:

  • ALL SIREN Talks Included unless there are supply fees (sign up via our SIREN Talks/Events Tab by clicking on eventbrite links).  

  • ALL socials (SIREN Talk and Walks, Happiness Hours, and other pop-ups).

  • Member meetings to collaboratively steer our SIREN programming and activities.

  • Access to our private SIREN Women's Cooperative Members Facebook page for daily connection/inspiration (please search for SIREN Women's Cooperative Members on facebook and we will permit access).

  • Novel networking and community services opportunities which include volunteer opportunities through our Ready to Work Exchange.

*Membership fees are accepted for one year memberships only - see Policies page. 

*To purchase a membership visit our Store tab.

*Membership fees are paid to receive the service outlined above therefore member fees are not tax deductible.

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