SIREN Membership Policies

SIREN Women’s Cooperative is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization committed to building knowledge, connection, and  inspiration among a diverse range of work-minded of women in Rhode Island.  Our values are inclusivity, respect, listening, curiosity, and big thinking.  Our purpose is to provide enriching professional, social, and community service opportunities through various talks, seminars, and collaborations that are aligned with our mission and values. We welcome all members to share our mission, values, and goals.

Below are our membership policies effective June 1, 2019.


SIREN Membership

-$20 per month to be paid in 6-month non-refundable increments of $120 through PayPal ( or check to SIREN Women’s Cooperative.  All memberships begin on the 1st day of the month immediately following initial sign-on.

-1-2 professional/community talks per month from professional women on a range of well-curated career and personal enhancement topics, see Google calendar, SIREN facebook page (SirenCoOp), and Talks tab on this webpage.


-Business / personal listing on the website within the first month of membership (

-1 SIREN Spotlight per every 6-month cycle write-up and photo on SIREN's well followed facebook page: /SirenCoOp

Member meetings to collaboratively steer co-op development


-Social gatherings (walks, local meet-ups) at various community locations


-Formal and informal networking/marketing, community service, and other innovative and professional opportunities to connect authentically with other professional women

     Examples: Our Ready to Work Exchange and Women, Words, and the Water book project

ONBOARDING activities: Members who have paid will be added to the SIREN Member email list, SIREN Google Calendar, SIREN List of Members in Google Docs, added to the Private SIREN Members Facebook Page, and listed on the website if members request in writing via email.


OFFBOARDING activities: Non-members or Members who have not renewed their membership will be removed from the SIREN Member email list, the SIREN Google Calendar, SIREN Members Facebook page, and SIREN website.

Due to the high volume of membership inquiries we receive, the best way to learn about our cooperative is to attend a talk (see talks tab) and meet with the Director before or after scheduled talks.  We do our best to respond to individual requests for meeting and phone conversations, however, 1:1 meetings may not always be possible when exploring membership. 


We work hard to develop high quality programming that is of significant interest to our members and a wider community of women. Programmatic choices are a direct reflection of feedback from SIREN members.  Therefore, it is important to communicate your areas of interest and engagement in ensuring SIREN is meeting your needs.  It is equally important to attend or call in to member meetings to make your ideas and suggestions known.

Membership fees

$20 per month to be paid in 6-month non-refundable increments of $120 through PayPal ( or check to SIREN Women’s Cooperative.  6-month monetary commitments are non-refundable. Member fees are due the 1st of the month marking the end of a 6-month increment. On the 25th of the sixth month, SIREN Staff will remind members that membership renewal payment is due on the 1st day of the upcoming month. 1 reminder email for past due membership fees will be sent on the 3rd day of the month.  If fees are not paid by the 5th day of the month, membership is cancelled.  Non-members may not attend Member Meetings and must pay non-member rates to attend various talks/seminars/events until Membership fees are up-to-date. Re-enrollment is available once payment of the full 6-month amount membership fees are paid in full.

For your business to be listed on our website and to receive a facebook SIREN Spotlight you must pay the 6-month membership fee and confirm by writing via email ( your business name for listing on the website and information for the SIREN Spotlight on social media.  If Member fees are late (after the 5th day of the month), you may remain listed on the website for 1 week after this period and then may be removed.  If you wish to re-join SIREN at a later date for another 6-month period, you may be re-listed on the website once your membership fees are current.



The preferred mode of communication with the Director is email:

We receive a high volume of requests and inquiries to collaborate.  All inquiries re: collaboration must be sent via email to:

Please note due dates, guidelines, and member updates will be clearly communicated via email from the Director to you.  Please avoid “Reply all” emails or inundating other members with emails.  If you are unresponsive to due dates and guidelines for our various project up to 2 times, the Director will assume you do not wish to be involved in the various projects outlined.  For example, if you do not respond to requests to submit your business name, contact information, and website the way you would like it presented for our member listing page on you will not be listed on the page.

Member meeting agendas will be posted in the Google Calendar event details.  The majority of co-op decisions are made at member meetings so if this is meaningful to you please attend meetings either in person or by phone.  Alternatively, you can respond to Google Calendar meeting agenda items listed via email to with your input and feedback on co-op related topics.


Decision making

We pride ourselves on collaborative decision making and the consensus we come to as a dynamic co-operative through frequent member meetings and an Advisory Committee.  However, the Board of Directors reserve the right to implement co-operative changes in membership and operations as needed. 



Generally talks are scheduled on a first-respond-first-serve basis.  Topics are generated based upon what is resonating among members and women in our community.  We also have developed a Speaker Guide for our presenters. Please try to reserve your spot to attend a talk no later than 2 days before an event on the SIREN facebook page (/SirenCoOp) or via email: so that we are able to confirm numbers and interest. While we understand that unexpected instances arise, we kindly request that you indicate if you are unable to attend two days before the event is occurring.   


SIREN Board, Staff, or members will not share member emails or contact information without their written, email permission.


Code of Ethics

We invite members to actively participate in embracing and carrying out our mission and values. The mission of SIREN Women’s Cooperative is to encourage women to work mindfully, connect meaningfully, and inspire endlessly.  Our values are inclusivity, respect, listening, curiosity, and big thinking. 

In alignment with our values, we require the utmost respect for the ideas and projects of members in our co-operative.  Specifically, members are encouraged to talk through and present their professional work to the extent at which they feel comfortable.  In doing so, other members may not utilize this information in other contexts for their own personal gain or project ideas.  Similar to social contexts outside of SIREN, individuals should be cautioned in sharing highly sensitive intellectual property at SIREN events, meet-ups, and otherwise.  

Unlike a BNI or a Chamber of Commerce, our cooperative does not select one member to represent a particular industry.  We have several photographers, yoga instructors, etc.  The main objective of SIREN centers around delivering SIREN Signature Talks to empower, build knowledge, and inspire women.  The relationship-networking aspects of SIREN are indeed fruitful for many members but a secondary goal of the cooperative.  Therefore, a cooperative, collaborative, and open spirit is desired among members who share overlap in their industries. 

Member discipline/termination

SIREN branding and name may not be associated with any activities, talks, workshops, or social programs or outings that are not approved by the Board of Directors via written email.  Gossip, slander, and other disrespectful behaviors demonstrated in SIREN activities or towards the SIREN community will not be permitted.  The SIREN Board of Directors reserve the right to immediately terminate a membership at any time.