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The Sirenas 

About the Board of Directors 

Dr. Sarah Nadimpalli


Sarah is the Director of SIREN Women’s Cooperative and draws upon her community health and research experiences to develop personal and professional talk topics for members, creative collaboration with local community and business organizations through relationship-based networking, and spearheads the Ready to Work Exchange which provides mentorship for women who are in need of developing job interview skills.  

Sarah has developed deep community organizing roots through almost 15 years of practice as a community health nurse in public health clinics, schools, and medical specialty offices.  In 2011 she received her PhD in Nursing at New York University and utilizes a community-based participatory approach in conducting her research.  Dr. Nadimpalli has led numerous focus groups on a range of topics that evoke the rich, lived experiences of individuals and communities. 





















Suzanne Ramponi 

Suzanne is a Founding Member of SIREN and serves as the Secretary for the organization.  She is a Certified Life Coach who helps women identify and navigate challenges unique to them and bring awareness to their own needs. She partners with clients to make the changes whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual level and restore balance and peace in their lives and achieve their goals. After spending over a decade in the recruitment and Human Resource field, she knows how to help clients to reach their full potential and to achieve results in their personal and professional lives. It is not so much all the organization and steps to find your path, it's connecting to your true desires, strengths and gaining the confidence to achieve success unique to every individual.

Suzanne is the owner of Your Soul Discovery and Roots and Wings for kids, which also help children gain the essential life skills to live a happy life.

Suzanne holds a BA in Psychology from Assumption College and is certified through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC)- a world renowned accredited coach training program and one of the largest ICF accredited coach training schools.

When Suzanne is not helping her clients achieve their dreams, she can be found in nature with her son and dogs exploring the beautiful treasures Rhode Island has to offer.


Nichole Lewis

Nichole is a Native Californian and Air Force brat.  She started with the MENTOR Rhode Island in 2009 as an AmeriCorps Vista and program assistant. She has a passion for community service, youth empowerment, and all things pink and sparkly.

Having worked in the non-profit sector since 1991, Nichole has acquired extensive experience and an amalgam of skills perfect for coordinating mentor programs.

Nichole studied elementary, middle school, and secondary education, as well as biology and chemistry at RI College. After definitively coming to the realization that she did not want to be a teacher, she found that MENTOR Rhode Island was the perfect place to continue bringing communities together through youth support.

Nichole and her two children are proud Bristolians, Legend of Zelda enthusiasts, and believers in the Oxford Comma.


Katy Annulli

Katy Annulli is a Founding Member of SIREN and serves as the Treasurer for the organization. Katy is the Founder of KMA Organizing, a business offering in person and virtual organization services. Katy works with clients to fashion ideal personal and professional spaces and also offers digital workflow organization and bookkeeping services. Katy works with clients to find out what drives them to get to the bottom of their disorganization. She develops custom solutions for clients to meet their needs and that they will stick to.

Founding Members (2018)

Katy Annulli • Nancy Bixby • Caitlin Clement • Joy Elvin • Lori Hawks • Jamie Heller • Dina Karousos • Nicole Lucenti • Suzanne McDonald • Meaghan Moe • Sarah Nadimpalli • Katie Ouellette • Sarah Richards • Suzanne Ramponi • Rachel Rosenzweig • Abigail Rowe • Kathy Saleh

Honorary Founding Member: The Green Grocer, John & Aly Wood

  Current Members 

Silvia Anderson

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Dawn Aillery

Account Executive, Commercial Insurance

Milena Anatchkova


Katy Annulli

KMA Organizing

Warren, RI


Dr. Jennifer D. Berton

The Rose Center for Learning

Newport, RI


Nancy Bixby

Bixby Consulting

Portsmouth, RI


Xoli Burrell

Xoli’s Extreme Cleaning

Kathleen Burke

Newport Partnership for Families

Dara Chadwick

Terri Cortvriend

Rhode Island State Representative

District 72


Joy Elvin

Director of Operations - Sakonnet Preservation Association

Denielle Finkelstein

TOP The Organic Project


Reinette Fournier

Tenth Gate Center for Yoga & Meditation

Portsmouth, RI


Jennifer Gee

Island Art Spot

Middletown, RI


Lauren Haley


Judy Hall

The Pennfield School


Lori Hawks

The Pennfield School


Jamie Heller

Sacred Path Reiki

Portsmouth, RI



Dina Karousos

Gustav White Sotheby’s Realtor


Jane Kirkpatrick


Jacki Lane

Owner, PULSE Gym

Marianne Lee

Robin Lee

The Robin's Egg

An Upscale Children's Consignment Boutique

Portsmouth, RI

Lindsay Lieberman

Mary Lovegreen


Suzanne McDonald

Angels & Insights

#NIMRI Networking-learning Community

Your Marketing Solutionist

Newport, RI

Tanja Melendez Lynch

Publisher at Newport Neighbors Magazine


Deb Messler


Maria Prass

Suzanne Ramponi

Your Soul Discovery

 Roots and Wings for Kids

Newport, RI


Melissa Richter Bowley


Katharine Rossi

Fireseed: Center for Transformation

Providence, RI


Abby Rowe

Sharon Ryan

Jean Salera-Vieira


Koty Sharpe

Professional at Roger Williams University

Stephanie Smyth

Elisabeth Swain


Gaye Weatherly

Weatherly Tile & Stone

Portsmouth, RI

Linda Ujifusa

Christon Gibson

Newport Living and Lifestyles

Newport, RI

Mary Ann Kossak

Kenko Builders

Sandra Enos

Giving Beyond the Box

Testimonials - Sounding the Alarm!

I love Siren. I am a founding member and the organization has developed into a wonderful welcoming and inclusive group. I have made friends and I especially enjoy the casual but professional talks and social events. There is definitely something for everyone as SIREN is comprised of a welcoming, diverse, and friendly group of women. -Joy Elvin

SIREN has been such an amazing thing to happen to me this year… I lead a talk on being a part of a “Dynamic Duo” of working women and never expected to see my colleagues and friends in so many new ways as a result of preparing for this talk.  I have also been thrilled to bounce some of my business ideas off of group members and find that I am truly part of a supportive community with SIREN.  -Jenny Williams

I want to thank you for welcoming me into the co-op with open arms. Every event was enriching and eye-opening, and every woman I met embodies exactly what SIREN is about. You truly do have a group of women who are based around kindness, helpfulness, empathy... and most importantly without judgement. You have also been an incredible role model for a young female like myself trying to make it in the professional world.

-Lily Sirpenski

I was comfortable in my place of business and working in solitude in my office.  However, part of my desire to join SIREN was about getting out of my comfort zone and learning about what other businesswomen were up to in my community.  I am very glad I took this step! -Reinette Fouriner

I have been a sole-proprietor of my own business for 18 years.  This is the first time I’ve ever joined a professional group and believe it is exactly what I was looking for.  Real conversations, support, and a welcoming atmosphere make SIREN unlike any other group I’ve researched becoming a part of.  -Gaye Weatherly

I benefitted from the experience of developing my resume with skills and strengths I was not entirely sure I had.  Through collaborating and connecting with SIREN members, I was also able to help others build and develop their resumes to reflect their unique qualities and strengths as well.  -Abby Rowe

I had a particularly challenging year this year.  Although I wasn’t sure exactly how SIREN would impact my life, I can indefinitely say that knowing I had the support of this group, the conversation, the connection always there for me was incredibly soothing and helpful throughout the challenges I encountered.  I am proud to be a member and to be a part of the next chapters of SIREN. -Anonymous

I particularly enjoy how SIREN can feel home to women across a spectrum of life experiences and career stages. No matter where you are in your life, SIREN is a forum to work through any transitions you may be going through personally and professionally.

-Tanja Lynch

I find my experience with Siren deepening as time goes on. Attending the events is always fun and informative, but I'm also starting to make some wonderful "gentle connections" with other professional women. I've gotten some good client referrals - and some great clients - without any actual promoting. It's all been a very natural part of getting to know each other and our work better. I even made a nice writing connection - a publisher member saw something I'd written in the Siren book! For me, Siren membership has been valuable, personally and professionally, in a totally organic way - the power of female community!

-Jeannette Bessinger 

SIREN provides a good opportunity to connect with women across a range of professions.  Sarah Nadimpalli, the Director, is very dynamic and thoughtful in her approach to leading the group. On a personal level, I moved back to Aquidneck Island after several decades of living and working in NYC, and experienced a lot of life changes.  SIREN was the first group I joined to connect with local women.  A year later, I realized that being a part of SIREN unlocked so many doors for me... on personal and career levels.  I met so many new, caring, and supportive friends, and connections that have helped me on a new path.  I am so grateful for this group and especially recommend it for anyone new to "the island."  -Shelly Cote Olson


SIREN is a great way to bring together the beautiful minds of our community! 

-Kristin MacMannis

My experience with SIREN has centered around finding a community of inspiring, grounded women to share both business and personal ideas with. It has given me an opportunity to meet women in the community in a way that regular networking events do not provide... that has been a blessing! This has been great for collaboration and sharing ideas and as well as feeling truly supported.  Through SIREN I feel connected in a deeper way to women than what I believe most other women’s groups would provide. I think the community has been wonderful and being a part of watching it grow been inspiring. SIREN has also been a vehicle to come out of my comfort zone and which has been rewarding, empowering and supportive!  -Suzanne Ramponi


I have lived on the Island the majority of my life, but never have I had the opportunity to connect with such a diverse, fun, and supportive group of Women in one setting. SIREN opens doors in countless unexpected, magical ways for those in the co-op and in the wider community. SIREN was also the first home of my business, Sacred Path Reiki, and the group gave me that extra push and support to start my own practice.  So pleased to finally see a group like SIREN on Aquidneck Island! -Jamie Heller

I am simply so enthusiastic about SIREN.  In working with the Director, I was able to develop my writing voice and contribute a recipe and story from my home of South Africa for the Aquidneck Island community to try and experience.  I feel very included in this group and able to voice my opinions and ideas.  I am thankful to be a part of this group and would highly recommend it to any women looking to be a part of a forward thinking and welcoming community for women of all ages, stages, and backgrounds!  -Xoli Burrell

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